SUNDAY 23 JUNE 2013 (Warm and Windy)

The weather forecast wasn’t good but on the morning it seemed “slightly” better than expected. The turn out was quite low and a number of usual contenders were absent.

From 10:00am it was quite flyable with some lulls of 6 mph, with gusts up to 18 mph and 26 mph around midday, but at least the rain held off and it was a day for tried and tested models.

Maxes were initially set at 2:00 mins, but after the first flights these were reduced to 1 min.45 sec for all classes in an attempt to keep models on the field.

There was just one flight “Off the Drome”, which was retrieved successfully and with no breakages.

This year the “TROPHY” was for the “INCHWORM”. There were two entries. Colin Foster flew first but, despite having a superb tow, on release lost three quarters of its height, in what looked like a certain death spiral before settling to a normal flight pattern.

Allan Kelly flew slightly later, again good on the towline and two great fights, although the second tow required expert skills to recover from a serious pull to one side.

One entry in SENATOR, by Joe Northrop, who managed two flights in the blustery conditions. The model flew exceptionally well.

There were no entries in either DIXIELANDER or RUBY (HLG/CLG)