2016 Results
March 18th Results
2015 Results
December 13th Results
July Jolly Results
Midsummer Madness Results
Morley May Day Gala 2015 Results
Morley One Model Event 17th April 2015 Results
Melbourne 8th March 2015 Results
New Year Flyer 4th January 2015 Results
2014 Results
Ruby Competition 21st December 2014 Results
2013 Results
End of Year Flyer 29th December 2013 Results
Winter Warmer 2013 22md December Results
Morley Heath Common event August 26th Results
Classic Day 21st July 2013 Results
Rodney's Precision night 17th July Results
Cabin Power 3rd July Results
Midsummer Madness 26th June Results
Morley One Model Event - Results
Morley Scale Evening 19th June Results
All in Mini & Mini Vintage League 9th June Results
May Gala 6th May Results
Vintage,Pannet & Kay Results
First Area - Church Fenton Results
2012 Results
End of Year Flyer 30th December Results
December Dazzler 27th December Results
Morley 'One Model' & Mini Vintage League Results
Rodney's 'Precision' night 11th July Results
'Jack'sCabin Power 4th July Results
Morley Scale Evening 27th June Results
Midsummer Madness 2012 Results
Heath Common 2012 Results
Vintage Pannet & Kay 2012 Results
Northern Gala April 6th Results
New Year Flyer 2nd January Results
2011 Results
December Dazzler 27th December Results
December `18th - Winter Warmer Results
October 3rd Results
Pleasuredrom 2011 Results
Morley Heath Common 5th September Results
Monday August 29th Results
Rodney Mosley's event 21st August Results
Cabin Power Results
Morley One Model Event Results
Precision Event June 2011 Results
Midsummer Madness 2011 Results
Morley Scale Evening 2011 Results
Sunday 22nd May - Event abandoned becuse of strong winds.
Steve Fielding's Classic Day 15th May 2011 Results
Combined Power/Glider & Mini Vintage 8th May 2011 Results
Mini Vintage 2nd May Results
Vintage, Pannett & Kay 24th April 2011 Results
Allan Kelly's Mini Event 16th April 2011 Results
New Year Flyer 2nd January 2011 Results
2010 Results
December Dazzler 30th December 2010 Results
Allan Kelly's Winter Warmer 2010 Results
Aug 30th Mini & Midi comp. Results
Pleasuredrome 2010 Results
Mini Vintage League 8th August 2010 Results
Morley 'Heath Common' 31st July Results
Morley One Model 24th July Results
Mini Vintage League 14th July Results
Scale Evening 14th July Results
Jack Fosters Cabin Power Event 7th July Results
Midsummer Madness 23rd June Results
Mini Vintage League 13th June Results
June 9th Rodney Mosley's Precision event Results
May 3rd John Godden's Event Results
Vintage,Pannett & Kay 5th April Results
Northern Gala April 2nd 2010 Results
2009 Results
Allan Kelly's Winter Warmer 20th December 2009 Results
Pleasuredrom 2009 Results
31st August 2009 Results
4th Mini Vintage League Results
Morley Heath Common 2009 Results
Morley One Model 19th July Results
Precision 15th July Results
Morley Scale Evening 8th July Results
Morley Cabin Power 1st July Results
Midsummer Madness Results
4th Area Church Fenton Results
Cleemac 'Knavesmire' Event 4th May Results
Vintage, Pannett & Kay 2009 Results
Northern Gala 2009 - Results
3rd Area 5th April CHURCH FENTON ONLY Results
First Area Results
Dennis's New Year Flyer Results
Mini Vintage League 2009 Points.
2008 Results
John Godden's December Dazzler 2008 Results
Allan Kelly's Winter Warmer 21st December Results
Steve's Classic Day 8th October Results
Stan's do - 28th September Results
UNOFFICIAL 5th Area Barkston Heath Results
7th September Results
Mini Vintage League 16th August Results
3rd August Ralph Sparrow's Pleasuredrome Results
20th July Results
Morley 'Heath Common' event Results
Morley Cabin Power Results
Midsummer Madness 18th & 25th June Results
3rd Northern Mini Vintage League 11th June Results
Morley One Model Comp. 4th May 2008 Results
Vintage Pannet & Kay 4th May Results
Northern Gala 2008 Results
New Year Flyer - 6th January 2008 Results
Mini Vintage League Points - 2008
2007 Results
30th December - December Dazzler Results
23rd December - Allan Kelly's Winter Warmer Results
2nd September - Morley Heath Common Results
5th August - Classic plus under 25" Results
Pleasuredrome Results Results
Morley Scale Evening Results
Morley One Model 8th July Results
Midsummmer Madness Results
Mini Vintage League - 6th May - Lodge Farm Results
Vintage, Pannett & Kay - 9th April 2007 - Results
Northern Gala - April 6th 2007 Results.
Unofficial results - 2nd Atrea Barkston Heath 25th March. Results
New Year Flyer 2nd January Results
Mini Viintage League 2007 Points

2006 Results

John Godden's December Dazzler 29th December - Results
Allan Kellys Winter Warmer/5th Mini Vintage League 22nd December Results
4th Mini Vintage League 1st Oct. Results
Steve's Classic Power August 12th Results
Stan's Mini - August 6th Results.
Morley Heath Common - 29th July - Results
Cleemac Event 15th July Results
Ralph's Pleasuredrome Results
Midsummer Madness Results
Fourth Area Church Fenton Results
Morley One Model plus Mini Vintage League Results.
Vintage, Pannet & Kay - 17th April Results
Church Fenton - Northern Gala - Results.
Church Fenton - 2nd April - 3rd Area Results
Lodge Farm - 19th March - Results
Monday 2nd January Results
2006 Mini Vintage League Table Result.
2005 Results.
Tuesday 27th December Results
Thursday 22nd December Results
Monday 28th November - Results.
Barkston 6th November Results
Pudsey Civic Hall 10th September Results.
Mini Vintage League Results.
Wednesday 24th August - PRECISION - Results.
Wednesday 10th August - PRECISION - Results
Saturday 13th August - Results
Saturday 30th July - Steve Fieldings 'Classic Power' - Results
Saturday 16th July - Clemac 'Knavesmire' Annual Do- Results
Saturday 9th July - Northern Area 'Morley Do' -Results
Saturday 2nd July - Ralph's Pleasuredrome -Results
Saturday 25th June - Morley Heath CommonResults
Wednesday Evenings 15th & 22nd June - Midsummer Madness- Results

Sunday 12th June – Fourth Area – Results.

Wednesday Evening 8th June – Scale. Results

Sunday 3rd April Second Area – Unconfirmed Results from North Luffenham

Monday 28th March – ‘One Model’ event Results

Friday March 25th – Northern Gala – Barkston Heath – Results.

Sunday 6th March – Unconfirmed results of First Area at Barkston Heath

Tuesday 15th February Indoor. Results.